About Davel Technology

We are a small group of hands-on and consulting I.T. engineers. This puts us in a good position to help any size of company. From minor repairs on a single computer to server clustering and shared redundant storage planning or deployment, we are the considered choice of many different businesses throughout central Scotland.

Qualifications are held by our engineers in analogue and digital electronics, TCP/IP network protocol, installing and administering servers, and ongoing training is being invested in anti-virus strategies, security issues, free and open source alternatives to proprietary packages, and system clustering.

Satisifed clientele include surveyors, doctors, structural engineers, financial advisors, food packagers, a psycho-therapist, health care providers, hotels, hairdressers, a window cleaner, and even a few charities.

Our principal means of securing new business is by word of mouth of people who used us in the past recommending us to others. And as this is the case, we have a very good customer retention rate. Not only are we exceptionally good at what we do with computers, but we're also good at making sure we only do what you need, thereby saving you time and expense.

Good communication between clients and ourselves ensures that we do the best for you and also that you know just what we're doing. In fact, there is no need to speak like "geeks" so anything we tell you will be in plain English (unless you have an unnatural affection for hearing "anoraks talking"). That keeps you better informed and you remain at the centre of things.

The maxim we follow that makes us so useful is: find the customer's need and fill it.

Customer Feedback

If you have used our services before, you will be aware that we tailored our support to suit you. This is much more useful than some of the services available in large High Street outlets who would rather sell whatever they want rid of instead of helping you.

So that we can continue to improve our offerings, we invite customers to contact us with comments and suggestions.