Computers and Servers

You probably use your computers as tools to help you do your job. And like any tradesman, you will be more efficient with good tools at your fingertips. Whether buying new or utilising & upgrading existing hardware, you need the right tools and they ought to be in good condition. We can supply new workstations and servers designed and built around your intended usage. We do not keep large quantities of stock, but rather build as needed, so we never try to sell hardware that you don't require. Likewise with parts for upgrades or repairs, we only source and supply parts as and when they're actually needed so we never apply "pressure sales tactics" just to shift unwanted stock - we have no unwanted stock.

Computers can be supplied with or without operating systems, so if you have already purchased site licensing for, say, Microsoft Windows, then there may be no need to buy a new computer whose cost includes a needless Windows license. We can also supply workstations and servers with a free GNU/Linux operating system installed such as Ubuntu or Debian. See our Free and Open Source Software page. And of course, we are happy to help you deploy new computers purchased elsewhere, perhaps from a major manufacturer such as Dell or HP, by offering our on-site expertise.

Repairs to existing equipment are methodically undertaken and, wherever possible, the life expectancy of the machines is extended instead of automatically advising that you buy new replacements. In fact, many computers gradually get slower due to registry bloating and errors, and because frequent security updates require the machine to run more and more lines of code at startup. This is statistically the more common cause of slow computers than faulty hardware. We can usually determine whether software or hardware is at fault fairly quickly by booting to a Linux-based Live CD. These methods are beneficial to your business, and underscore the value of using our services.

Internet Services

Use of the Internet falls loosely into three categories: connection to the "worldwide web" to browse; use of the connection to send and receive data, perhaps as e-mail; setting up a "presence" on the Internet for your company in the form of a website for others to browse. We can help with all three. Connection to the Internet is usually most cost-effective when broadband is used. Single users and larger networks have benefitted from broadband supplied by ourselves. However, we can also offer on-site support regardless of the ISP (Internet service provider) you use. Some of our clients find it cost-effective to have our engineer diagnose faults rather than potentially spend hours on the phone to a foreign call centre waiting for broadband support. Data transfer via broadband can greatly benefit businesses. E-mail can be set up to arrive at a mail server in the office then distributed to each employee's computer. Or, remote home workers can securely connect to the office network via the broadband connection, or two offices could connect this way in a Virtual Private Network (VPN). These things need to be set up well so that the network remains secure, and we have done just that for many customers. A web presence or a website for you to tell the world about your company needs a domain name registered and hosting space for the site to exist on. These can all be arranged by ourselves so you can treat these separate details as one whole. Some companies have undergone expansion through time and their website, e-mail addresses and methods of handling these have all been added to piece by piece like patchwork. We can help you get all that together into a coordinated, unified picture with your e-mail domain name matching your website domain name, and all managed from one location.


End User Support

Your staff are likely competent in their use of computers, but as you move with the times, they may have to get used to some new procedure or upgraded software that's different from before.

Davel Technology can offer on site assistance so that you can ask the engineer in person any questions that arise, telephone support for rapid answers to questions, remote desktop assistance whereby we can take control of your desktop from our workshop computers, or text-based e-mailed assistance for matters not requiring rapid response. Our support of your end users can save you money as it helps them work more efficiently.

Maintenance Cover

Fixed cost maintenance plans can be set up to give you more precise control of your budget. For a fixed monthly fee you can cover your IT support costs. You have peace of mind knowing that the cost of a call-out to fix any future problem is already covered.


Networking of computers is a vast subject. Simple networks have perhaps a shared printer, or data stored on one computer is "visible" to the other computer. Complex networks may have data available to hundreds of people but blocked from others. We have skills needed to manage the structure (cables, switches, routers, wireless etc.) and the distributed software. The handling of the security implications of networking computers is also one of our strengths, as is the connecting of remote or home workers to your office network.