Support From Davel Technology

Call-Out Support

New customers or existing clients can always benefit from the speedy response times we are able to offer. We have the edge over all of the High Street chains who expect you to bring your computers to them, or who have a subsidiary company covering their IT support - eventually.

We also have superior service than other specialist IT companies who are following current trends to eliminate on-site visits in favour of remote "helpdesk" methods. At Davel Technology we try to offer the support that suits you best. That includes on site visits by our engineer, remote desktop support via secure connection, and telephone support. We take account of both your needs and your preferences.

Standard call outs are charged on an hourly basis with no excessive "initial hour". You only pay for what you get.

Maintenance Contracts

To take control of IT support spending you can sign up for fixed monthly pricing and an agreed level of maintenance service.

Following a free site survey, we can put together a plan of maintenance cover which suits your needs. Prices then quoted will be based on the equipment you have in your office and the level of support you wish to include in the contract.

There are three general levels of support available, but everyone has specific needs, so within these three generalised support packages we will include specifically whatever you need. You could opt for basic support where you call us if any problems arise - our call-out costs are covered in the plan. Or you may need a monitored support plan in which we keep watch on your systems and we automatically handle any problems as they arise, even if you haven't already called us. Finally, making sure that you have covered as many eventualities as possible, we also offer a fully managed service plan. This is more proactive than reactive, and ongoing tasks are handled such as security updates and patch installation, hard disk maintenance, log file rotation and archival, and the like.

Whatever level of maintenance cover you choose, our support includes on-site visits as needed, remote desktop and telephone support. Our clients with maintenance contracts always get priority over non-contracted call-out customers, so our response times are consistently good.

Get Help From Us

Our aim is to be as accessible as possible, and we achieve this primarily by person to person contact.

We will always be proud to offer help from REAL HUMANS and not faceless self-help web or call centre support. When you call us, a real engineer will advise you, not just someone reading from a script. Further, you can have our on-site engineer visit your office. This is the ultimate form of support because he can do the necessary work rather than your staff being told what to do over the phone.