Computer Viruses - What Can Be Done

Two closely related issues are: protection from future virus attack and cleaning viruses from your computers. We have much experience in these areas and can help your company to minimise virus disruption.

Protection from virus attack unfortunately can mean more than installing anti-virus software. Many points of entry exist which viruses can exploit. These might include your broadband connection, or disks, pen drives, and portable devices carried in and out of your office. The number of virus-infected web pages is increasing daily, so innocently browsing to an infected website could be another way of succumbing to virus infection. E-mail can be invited into your computer before you are aware it contains a virus. And "socially engineered" traps are designed to lure you to install malware on your machine. We help people like you to take effective precautions in all these areas, including firewall port blocking, mail server anti-virus integration, desktop anti-virus software installation and updating, and more. We can even help you to change to a free and open source Linux-based operating system so that your computers are intrinsically much more secure. And of course you must not minimise the value of staff who have the intelligence to think before they click.

Getting rid of viruses already on your computer can be frustrating, especially as the latest ones can install right into system files and may at first seem unmovable. We offer robust assistance whether cleaning a single computer or containing and removing a virus outbreak across an entire network.

Just What Are These Viruses?

A computer virus is a small piece of software deliberately written with some malicious or hidden intent. They DO NOT appear out of nowhere as if some cosmic mutation of nature made them evolve by chance. When people understand this for the first time, they often feel a sense of relief that viruses are not mysterious entities.

Why do people write viruses? At first, this was done by some "geek" because he could. He thought it would be a laugh to secretly put his virus code on someone's machine and perhaps use it to delete files. Nowadays, it's all about money. Viruses can be used to collect information from your computer, perhaps the password you type to access your Internet banking, and use that information to steal your money at a later time. Of course, that's a simplification, but it is guaranteed that dealing with virus threats will cost you time and effort. Call us for help with virus issues.